I am a creative spark, an idea generator,
a marketing and brand professional,
a content specialist and a travel writer.

I AM Sundeep Murthy, Nice to meet you!

A Little About Me

As a kid, I have always been fascinated with Superman. I used to day dream of saving the world, beating the bad guys and being in love with Lois lane. His stories used to fascinate me and take me into a surreal world. As I grew up, I realized it is not that difficult being him, everything is possible expect being in love.

Rather than having superhuman qualities I have super hyper qualities. I may not showcase the same powers like him, but over the years I have developed some special skill sets to be just like him.

Superman has x-ray vision, he can see through walls. I have an art of seeing a brand in its complete 360 degree view and to provide the right impetus and base for its growth & success. Whether it’s launching a new brand or adding value to it, I am ready for the challenge.

Instead of a camera, I started my career with the might of the pen. I may not have written history or clicked the cover shot, but I have put in heart and life in all my work projects. From writing travelogues to lifestyle articles, I have added a little magic in all of them.

Superman is about life saving moments, catching bad guys and beating them to pulp. I am about providing game changing ideas and beating challenges at work. Success may not come every time but it is important to provide the best possible options and ideas.

Superman always emerges as the victor, I know that is not possible in the real life. But what is important
is to always give your best and never give up.

What I Can Do

My Passion

What I Have Done

Over the years, I have worked with some very awesome companies as Brand & Marketing Head, Editorial and Design Lead and
Corporate Commuications Consultant

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